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We are a full-service firm that provides tax and legal advisory services at local, regional and global level, covering every angle of law. Our strength lies in our team of dozens of specialized professionals working across multiple disciplines to deliver comprehensive client solutions in five different cities: Madrid, Valladolid, Palencia, Málaga y Córdoba.

Our strength also lies in our shared values in the 5 offices where we operate: unparalleled service quality, ethical commitment and an innovative approach that helps us stay one step ahead of market needs. Our ultimate goal is to help build a climate of trust and security that fosters business development in a fairer, more ethical, responsible and sustainable society.

Leading lawyers

We are a leading law firm offering a wide range of services both nationally and internationally, ensuring the success of our client`s operations.

+20 years of experience

We count on a team with extensive experience in banking, financial, commercial and civil law who will respond to your interests.

100% commited

We anticipate the needs of our clients by informing them, advising them, and focusing on the evaluation and analysis of all possible options.

lawyers in Madrid, Valladolid y Palencia

As a multidisciplinary law firm we offer a wide range of legal services.

global transactions

 We provide services to companies in high-level transnational operations, both in the pre-litigation and litigation phases.

financial derivatives

We have experience providing advice on the emission of financial derivatives both in Spain and abroad, especially in structured notes.



We provide legal support to different financial institutions in order to succesfully complete financing transactions.


We have experience advising on mergers and acquisitions of both national and international companies in all phases of the process.


We request the nullity of the ground clause or interest limiting clause, in order to obtain the appropiate compensation 

bankruptcy and insolvency

We advise managers of companies in crisis with the aim of limiting their liabilities. 

second opportunity

We offer the application of the Second Opportunity Law.

affected by Volkswagen

Claims for those affected by Volkswagen fraud.

recovery of debts

Delegate the payment of your unpaid invoices to a specialist team and improve your results.   

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